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Dr. Dawn Dateno

Dr. Dawn Dateno is a 2006 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. Veterinary medicine is her second career as she was an officer in the US Navy with 11 years active duty and 10 years in the reserves. She has traveled all over the world with the Navy and retired as a CDR (O-5).

She and her family relocated to the area from Raleigh, North Carolina, approximately 8 years ago. Her professional interests include preventative medicine (she enjoys educating owners about how to best care for their pets), dermatology, and surgery, including dentistry.

Dr. Dateno lives in the Tampa area and enjoys spending her spare time with family and friends, at the beach, traveling, biking, kayaking and most outdoor activities. She currently shares her home with two dogs and three cats, and occasionally rehabilitates raccoons and opossums.

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